High-end applications

We develop your tailored high-end applications. Jimber has a team of specialists in C++, PHP and front-end technologies.

With focus on security, which is in the DNA of Jimber, we can help you to develop user friendly and secure applications.

Remote applications

Jimber’s strong skills in remoting technology can be leveraged to create several applications for your business.

Our remote technology can been used in helpdesk, callcenter and traceability applications.

Architectural design

We provide consultancy for your highly scalable applications using different architectures such as microservices, CQRS and event sourcing.

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Our portfolio includes applications in multiple domains

Cryptocurrency applications

(Atomic Exchange / Wallet)

Google App Engine applications

Telecom software

Remote software

Video, audio and streaming technology

System and virtualisation software

(Linux and Windows)

General web applications

Mobile applications

AI applications

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